Respect Your Selfie: Why I’ll Take as Many Damn Selfies as I Please

People seem to be getting inordinately upset with other people taking photos of themselves these days.

But like…why?

About a year ago, I realized that almost every negative thing that I thought about another person came from a place of jealousy and it changed my entire outlook. Let me be blunt: acknowledging that you’re being a bitch will make you an entirely new person.

Example: I see a woman in a short dress and heels walking down the street. My initial thoughts come straight out of that dark, jealous pit in my brain. “Yikes, put some clothes on,” is the first thing that pops into my head. My former self would have just let that be the last thought. But it’s so much better for my own happiness to examine where that thought came from and rework it. “Actually, she’s rocking that dress. She probably works really hard to look good.”

Inner. Fucking. Peace.

Learning to be happy for others makes you so much happier with yourself, my dudes. So quit all of this bitter selfie hatred! If you woke up today and got ready and you were out in the world feelin yourself, I want to see it! There is nothing more empowering to me than seeing other people happy in their own skin, with or without a filter. You just nailed that winged eyeliner? Take a selfie. You just had a stellar workout? Take a selfie. You think you look bomb with the dog filter on? You take that dang selfie.

There is not nearly enough self-love in this world.

Friends, I was not a cute preteen/teenager. I had Harry Potter glasses, crooked teeth (which still remain my biggest insecurity), and I frequently wore skirts over pants. You don’t even have to imagine that shit, I’ve got photos for you.



Here we see me in what can only be explained as the Peter Pan stance on relevé. Natural, obviously.


Here we have a classic case of wearing jean capris with a dress. It’s practically Gucci.


Here we see me in my most natural state: petting a dog. I have taken a step up in fashion by replacing my jean capris with capris leggings however I am also sporting three tank tops and a sweatshirt with stripy flats. Everything coordinates perfectly. Yes, those are clip-on earrings.

I was not the picture of pure beauty that most girls my age seemed, nor was I popular. I was awkward and weird, frankly. And while I am still very much both of those things today, I know how to be those things comfortably. I got picked on like many other kids did in their teens. I had plenty of low self esteem moments. Hell, I still have them. My teeth are still crooked, I’ve got bad skin, I probably wear too much makeup and my various hair colors as of late are too dark for my complexion. But I don’t remember being happier with myself than I am now. There are improvements that I’d like to be making but I’m still happy with who I’ve turned out to be so far. The biologist in me likes to look at it from an evolution standpoint: each stage of my life isn’t intended to work linearly towards perfection. The person that I am now is perfectly sufficient.

I get up and try to celebrate some part of me every single day. Whether it’s my makeup, my hair, my body, or just my sense of humor, I make it a goal to love me because I didn’t do it enough before now.

So with that, let me take a selfie.



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